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Kids Custom Sequins Hoodie Size Guide

Size(Height) Shirt Length Width=1/2Chest  Sleeve Length
43.3''(110cm) 17.7''(45cm) 14.2''(36cm) 15.7''(40cm)
47.2''(120cm) 18.5''(47cm) 15''(38cm) 16.1''(41cm)
51.2''(130cm) 19.3''(49cm) 15.7''(40cm) 17''(43cm)
55''(140cm) 20''(51cm) 16.5''(42cm) 17.3''(44cm)
59''(150cm) 21''(53cm) 17.3''(44cm) 18.1''(46cm)
63''(160cm) 21.6''(55cm) 18''(46cm) 18.9''(48cm)

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